Find an option that is right for you.


Not Just a Computer Program

Language is complex. In a highly personalized setting, your coach can give you the precise feedback you need. To experience results you are looking for, an expert giving you individual attention will make the biggest impact.


Options that Fit Your Lifestyle

Local clients can have fun and work together in small group sessions.  Or choose online coaching, which is perfect for professionals who are constantly on the move. Make a plan that will fit your schedule. You don't need to wait to make an investment in yourself.


You Are In Charge

Your coach will give you a practice plan to help you make efficient progress. The more work you put in, the more significant your results will be. 


Global Perspective

Every accent is beautiful! Accent modification will not erase your accent, but instead will empower you to improve the clarity and naturalness of your speech. Your individual goals will drive the work we do together.

*Accent Modification Services, LLC specializes in and works exclusively with clients who are seeking to reduce the impact of their foreign accent on the clarity of their communication in American English.  

Work with your coach from almost anywhere in the world. A high-quality internet connection is strongly recommended.

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For our clients in Northern Colorado, USA, this option may be right for you. Enjoy working in a small group with a few other professionals and fast-track your progress as you learn and practice together.

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